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These Terms and Conditions are subject to acceptance by Users of the veros.org website (Site), Wallet and Services.



VEROS (VRS) – cryptocurrency functioning on the Ethereum platform, specifically designed for online payments, exchanges and purchases by means of smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency – digital medium of exchange, which utilizes encryption and cryptography techniques to secure transactions and to control the creation of the additional currency units and their distribution.

Site – website at veros.org  and any site related to it.

Service – the use of the veros.org, its functionality and applications.

Wallet – software web application at wallet.veros.org and mobile application on Google Play.

Software – see Wallet.

User – visitor, viewer, subscriber, affiliates member and/or customer on veros.org Site.

Private key – piece of code paired with VEROS wallet address (public key) to allow User access to his/her VEROS wallet.

Transaction – transfer of funds from one VEROS digital wallet to another.

VEROS team – provider of the VEROS Services and support.

Third party services – web-based technologies (e.g. websites, software) operated and controlled by entities other than VEROS team.

Blockchain – public database used to record and share information about transactions in VEROS among a distributed network of computers.

Ethereum – blockchain-based computing platform for decentralized and smart-contract applications.


General terms

Veros.org (Site), Service, Software and Wallet are subject to Terms & Conditions outlined below. These Terms and Conditions govern the use of veros.org Site, Software, Wallet and Services. The use of the Site constitutes Users’ agreement to the Terms & Conditions. Users are required to read these Terms carefully prior to using any of the VEROS Services and the Site.


By creating an account on veros.org you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions. The agreement takes place between the User and the Site.





The use of information on the Site

The information provided on veros.org Site should not be used by Users as legal advice, business advice, or any other kind of advice. Users are required to accept risks in reliance on the contents of the Site.

Before you take any action on veros.org Site it is recommended that you ask a licensed specialist for legal advise. Note that the Site owners are not respomsible for any actions and consequences of the actions taken by Users on the Site.

No copying, broadcasting, printing, publishing or selling of the content from veros.org by the unauthorized individuals and Users without a reference to the Site is allowed.



In order to access and use certain features on the Site, you must create an Account. By creating a User Account you agree to:

  • provide accurate, up-to-date and complete information;
  • maintain the security and confidentiality of your login credentials and restrict access to your Account and your computer for anyone else;
  • keep your Account information updated;
  • get in touch with VEROS team if you suspect any security breaches on the Site;
  • take complete responsibility for all activities that occur under your Account or security information (password, private key) and accept all risks of unauthorized access.



The User is responsible for the security of his/her data stored on personal computer or any other electronic device. Losing control over the security of your computer may cause the loss of your VEROS.


The User is responsible for his/her actions on veros.org Site, when conducting transactions in VEROS,  using the wallet, etc.



The Site contains translations of the English version of the content. These translations are provided for Users’ convenience. In the event of any conflict between the English language version and the translated version, the English language version shall take precedence. In case you’ve noticed any inconsistency, please report hello@veros.org .



All transactions between users are subject to  a 0.03 VRS transfer fee charged for using the network. Veros.org is not responsible for any additional fees that the Third party providers add on top of the VEROS transfer  fee, e.g. cryptocurrency exchanges and/or other services that adopted VEROS.


Policies and procedures

All policies and procedures will be reviewed, updated or revised whenever it is needed without notifying the Users.



The veros.org site is not responsible for any losses, damages or claims caused by:

– User mistakes related to improper utilization of the VEROS Software and Services, e.g., forgotten passwords, payments sent to the wrong addresses, and accidental deletion of wallets;

– Software problems of the Website and/or the Software or any Third party service, e.g., corrupted wallet file, incorrectly constructed transactions, malware on the Site, Software or Service, etc.;

– Technical failures in the User’s hardware or any VEROS-related Software or Service such as the loss of data in the result of a malfunctioning of the storage device;

– Security problems experienced by the user of VEROS Software or Service, e.g., unauthorized access to the Users’ Wallets and/or Accounts.

– Actions or inactions of the Third parties and/or events experienced by the Third parties, e.g., bankruptcy, hacker attacks, frauds, etc.


Security risks

The VEROS system is prone to weaknesses such as hacker attacks and bugs causing the loss of VEROS tokens by User accounts.

The advances in cryptography can cause damage to the security of the VEROS system and the cryptocurrency. This can result in the loss of funds in VEROS from the Users’ wallets.


Risk of Insufficient Interest in VEROS

The User understands and agrees to accept the potential risk of insufficient interest in VEROS and the consequences of this lack of interest, which can lead to the limited adoption and use of VEROS and its Services.


Rapid adoption risks

If the VEROS cryptocurrency gains widespread adoption over a short period of time, the demand for processing power of the Site and the Wallet applications will increase faster than the VEROS team can bring the additional processing power online. Under such a scenario the entire VEROS system can get destabilized due to the increased cost of running distributed applications. In turn, this could dampen the Users’ interest in VEROS.


Risks of mining attacks on the Ethereum platform

The Ethereum Blockchain is susceptible to mining attacks, which may cause risks to the Ethereum Platform, affecting the execution of VEROS transactions, computations and conversions.


Force majeure risks

Veros.org Site is not liable for any unforeseen events hindering the proper functioning of the Site, the Software, the Wallet and the Services.


Investment risks

The investment in VEROS can lead to the money loss over short or long periods of time. The investors in VEROS should accept the volatility of the VEROS market price when converted to fiat and crypto currencies. The information published on the Site cannot be used as a guarantee that the investors in VEROS would not lose their funds.

NOTE: Veros.org Site and Team are not liable for any of the abovementioned risks.

Suspicious transaction and activity reports

The VEROS team constantly monitors transactions for suspicious activity. Unusual transactions are carefully reviewed to determine whether they are conveyed for a lawful or an unlawful purpose.  The VEROS system is equipped with internal control mechanism implemented to detect such activities as they occur. When any suspicious activity is detected, the VEROS team defines whether the activity contradicts the law enforcement. In case it does the law enforcement authority is contacted.

Suspicious activities can include money laundering attempts. This activity can be considered suspicious even if it doesn’t involve any loss of money.

The VEROS team is responsible for defining whether a transaction is potentially suspicious or not. Once the transaction details are reviewed by the VEROS team, the decision whether the transaction meets the definition of suspicious transaction or activity and whether any law enforcement authorities should be contacted, is made.

The VEROS system maintains a copy of the transaction data and all the backup documentation. The filing information is confidential. No one, other than those involved in the investigation and reporting will be informed about its existence. In no event should the parties involved in the suspicious activity be told of the filing.

In case of witnessing any suspicious activity on veros.org Site the Users are required to report about it to VEROS team via hello@veros.org.


Liability limitations

The VEROS Service provider is not liable for damage of any nature, including, but not limited to, the loss of funds in VEROS and/or the loss of data providing access to the Wallet and the funds, which may lead to discontinuation of the use of the Site.



This page will be constantly updates, modified and improved. The Users will not be notified about the changes occurring on this page. This fact does not spare the Users from responsibility for their actions on the Site and acting in accord with these Terms. Therefore, it is compulsory that Users visit this page often and reread the Terms & Conditions to stay informed about the amendments.